Fields of Gold

Fields Of Gold takes place in Franklinton North Carolina, in the 1940’s. It is the story of a young girl named Deserea Gordon, who desires to fulfill two dreams. She desires to sing, to use the extraordinary gift God has given her to do something other than pick cotton and tend her family’s small farm. She also desperately wants to find her father who has disappeared to New York City, to pursue dreams of his own.The oldest of four children and a member of a poor, yet close-knit family, now headed by Deserea’s strict and sometimes overbearing mother, Deserea is at a very delicate time in her life. She is just beginning to blossom into a young woman and to discover just how wonderful and how devastating young love can be.Convinced that following her dream to become a singer will lead her to her father, Deserea will enter a forbidden world, alongside Junebug and her best friend Linda. Torn between the life she has always known and the one she is discovering, Deserea will find her love, her faith, and her friendship tested to its limits.

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